Osaka, Japan (Day 1 continue)

Day 1: Osaka - Shinsaibashi & Dotombori Area I went back to Hostel to get some refreshment after half day walking around Osaka Castle Area. After that, I walked around Shinsaibashi Suji Area, which is the best known shopping district at Osaka. Since I was on a budget trip and things are literally very expensive … Continue reading Osaka, Japan (Day 1 continue)


Osaka, Japan (Day 1)

Day 1: Osaka - America Mura & Osaka Castle Area First stop: America-Mura I arrived Hana Hostel around 11am. Since the check in time is 3pm, so I just dropped my backpack and kick start my exploration for the first day. Since the hostel located at Shinsaibashi Area, I just walked around without a destination … Continue reading Osaka, Japan (Day 1)