Osaka, Japan (Day 4)

Day 4 – Osaka – Shinsekai & Tennoji Area

Day 4, my last day at Japan. My flight is in the afternoon. So I had only few hours to visit one more place and I choose the Shinsekai/Tennoji Area.

Shinsekai (新世界 literally means “new world”) doesn’t really look like a new world. The moment I walked out from the train station, I realized I was surrounding by old people. It was really different from the other part of Osaka which I visited such as Namba/Shinsaibashi Area. Everything seems to be in slow motion here and relax. I kinda felt that i went back to 1990’s as all the setting seems like the old Hong Kong TVB Drama which I used to chase. I get off  at Tennoji station, in the thought of walking around the neighborhood for a bit. I thought it was really easy to get to my destination, which is the Tsutenkaku Tower. In my mind, since is a Tower and it must be somehow tall, I can just lift my head and follow the direction where the Tower is. Apparently I was wrong – the Tower is not actually that tall and it can be blocked by the greens and other not so high buildings.

Luckily I met a nice old man (Yes OLD man) that actually walk me to there for a good 15 min. The journey was so long as I can’t strike a conversation with the friendly Old Man (He was speaking in Japanese to me through out the journey). At first I was nodded whatever he said with smile…then the smile started to get really uncomfortable cause beside smiling and nodding, I don’t know what else to respond. He as well was scratching his head through out the journey to make me understand what he was saying. But I think I manage to do some small conversation with him with my very minimal Japanese, something like “Namae (Name)? Nan-sai desuka (how old are you)? Kodomo (children) how many? Uchi (house) where?”

Molly and the Old Man

Tsutenkaku a.k.a Eiffel Tower of Osaka was build in 1912 and it was the real hoo-haa that time cause it was like one of the tallest (64 meters). Apparently the one we seeing now is not really the real one. The original one already destroyed in 1943 during a fire broke down and the government decided to take the steel of Tsutenkaku for war used instead of repairing it. Hence Tsutenkaku contributed its body to the nation.

Many view of Tsutenkaku

Oh ya, around the Shinsekai area, you will notice a lot of this statue called Billiken that look like baby that is sitting down on the floor with both his arms straight and close to his body. I found the name very cute to pronounce. Apparently Billiken will bring good luck to those that purchase it and better luck for the one that is given a Billiken. I quite like Shinsekai area because of its colorful bling bling bizarre decoration which make me felt that I was in some fantasy land.

Shinsekai bling bling bizarre yet old fashion decoration

Molly had a date with Billiken at Tsutenkaku


After some photo taking and admiration from outside, I went back to Hostel to pack. I walked all the way from Fukushima to Umeda to take the train to Airport. Umeda – the business district, I didn’t really make my way to explore this area especially the nigh view from the Floating Garden @  Umeda Sky Building. Till next time then!


There are still many places that I haven’t got the chance to visit due to the short trip. I believed I’ll come back again to this Beautiful Land.

My final meal at Japan before boarding – SUSHI



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