Carey Island (Pulau Carey) & Crab Island (Pulau Ketam)

One fine day, I was craving for seafood and some gateway nearby. So I what’s apps few friends and we decided to go for a day trip during the long weekend of Malaysia Day, to Carey Island and Crab Island.

Well I grew up in a small town called Banting, where everybody somehow know everybody. In the past few years, Government is spending a lot to develop the tourism industry around Banting, mainly focusing on the coastal area from Morib to Sepang. Around 20 minutes away from Banting town, lay a small island known as Pulau Carey (It is not actually an Island because it only separated by a river, not sea). This place seems to be forgotten in the great tourism development plan. I was .. I think 10 when I first visited Pulau Carey. That time was with my parents and my little brother. And we got this cicak looking figure as souvenir, generously given by one of the wood craftsman there (because it was his failure artwork).

We started our journey around noon. Stop by at Telok Panglima Garang for lunch. I don’t remember what’s the name of this restaurant, it is just infront of the roundabout turning in to Pulau Carey, next to a Chinese temple (on the right side of the temple). My family called it the “Guan Gong” since the Restaurant Owner (and his sons) has this pair of very unique eyebrow (almost flying up like there is this fear look on his face). This restaurant specialty is steamed fish (well that’s the food my father always ordered every time we visited). The food still taste the same when I visited few years back – still fresh and nice in very reasonable price.

Top Left to Right: Steamed Fish & Choi Dam
Bottom Left to Right: Fried Chicken & Claypot Taufu

Pulau Carey is famous for its settlement for Mah-Meri, one of the many Orang Asli tribes from Malaysia. Mah-Meri people have the reputation of some of the world’s finest wooden crafts. And they are very good in weaving too. To be honest, there’s nothing much at Pulau Carey. There’s this tourist information center, which showcase the culture of Mah-Meri. We are the only few visitors of the day. Entrance is RM5. Our tour guide first show us to play some of their “weapon” by the game of darts. Then he brought us to watch video and show us some magnificent wooden art pieces crafted by the locals. Since our time is kinda limited, so we headed to Pulau Ketam after our stop at this information center. We supposed to further explore Pulau Carey – heard that there’s a beach at the end of the road or visit the many craftsman shop time then.

Probably the most enjoyable activity in the information center

Mah-Meri people are gifted with the talent of wood crafting

Pulau Ketam, another place that I think I went around 10 years old. My father has a friend that teach inside the island where we visited that time. You have to take a ferry from Port Klang (yes Port Klang, not North Port; not South Port; not West Port), which is nearby to the immigration office. The ferry ticket cost RM7/trip. Sadly to say that, the ferry still the same old one many many years ago (based on my friend – Denise commented). My memory to Pulau Ketam almost faded and I can’t recalled anything except everybody live above the sea on the wood. The ferry took around 45 min, including the waiting time to make the ferry full. We were welcome by a lot of locals upon our arrival (apparently the villagers were expecting some guests from outside and thought we were them).

Pulau Ketam a.k.a Crab Island – where “floating houses” perch casually on long wooden stilts

We just snap some photos here and there – entertaining our self. Pulau Ketam is a fishing village mainly inhabited by Chinese. People here seems very relaxing and simple. You can hear people singing karaoke loudly in the house. Children running around like crazy. Everyone seems to know everyone – such a nice feeling isn’t it. There’s no other transport except bicycle here. And the road is really narrow – be careful or else you’ll hit by bicycle here.

The attraction that you can spot along the walk

Coincidentally, there were some visitors that came here for a purpose on the same day. They are some volunteers for art performance from different countries, came here for a reason to exchange knowledge with the locals……and with another obvious reason – to create awareness on Recycle to the younger generations here. One thing about Pulau Ketam – it is really dirty. There’s no proper drainage system in this island. Therefore, rubbish is everywhere. We decided to stay and watch the performance. And the consequences – we missed the last ferry out at 6pm. But it was indeed a very good performance by kakiseni. One word – CREATIVE. I guess it did successfully scared the kids there, especially on the “rubbish monster” (i called it). Hopefully if I got the chance to return here, Pulau Ketam can be FREE from rubbish.

The performance by groups of art enthusiasm

Now you know what I mean. Picture paint a thousand words.

We headed for dinner after the performance finish. One must eat Crab when you at Pulau Ketam a.k.a Crab Island. The name of the Island explained already, isn’t it? We ordered plenty of seafood – from Crab, Prawn to Squid. The food is so-so but it satisfied my craving for seafood 😀

Seafood Feast

Since no more ferry, we have to hire a private boat to take us out. It cost RM 160 per boat. Since there is 6 of us, so the cost after divided is still ok. The boat is really big anyway – I think can fit in 10 – 15 people. You can always asked around for people to share the boat. We didn’t manage to get any cause it was a little bit too late that time.

Overall, a trip is always nice with friends around. But it is disappointing to see places that full with potential to develop as a  tourism spot – neglected by the government. I mean, it could be much better for an island like Pulau Ketam, which can be develop to something like Namiseom Island at South Korea (too ambitious maybe) or the similar Tai O at HongKong.


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