It’s been 3 years that I neglected this travel blog and I decided to continue it to share my passion of travelling. I set a few resolution for myself. My near term plan is to complete my travel check list of all the South East Asia countries. Now I left with Myanmar, Philippines and East Timor region, which I plan to cover in the next two years.

I just return from my long plan trip to Laos –  a very beautiful country that often neglected by many since the colonization era. Located in the middle of Thailand and Vietnam, border by Cambodia on the Southern and Myanmar and China on the Northern, this country practically got nothing but hilly land and the great Mekong river. That’s explained why it was often “forgotten” by the people since it is “landlocked” and no sea (no trading activities can be conducted in the past). The country started to open up in the 1990’s and the tourism industry beginning to bloom in recent years. My urge of travelling to Laos became stronger after watching their official tourism video back in 2013 – “Finally Found Love, Finally Found Laos”.

I spend a total of 8 days 7 night at Laos, started my travel at the Capital, Vientiane which is the entry point of the only direct flight from Malaysia by Air Asia. Then we travelled to the laid back and once party town of Vang Vieng. We further travelled to the north to Luang Prabang, the UNESCO world heritage town where you can see the finest temples and beautiful culture of Laos here.

Laos Travel Route

Laos Travel Route

I wish I have more days to explore another town in the central region, Phonsavan and Xieng Khouang. Here is where you find the Plain of Jars, that build during the Iron Age. Similar like Stonehenge at England, no one really knows what is the purpose of the jars. This place also the most heavily bombed area by US during the Secret War. I chose to skip it as I want to have a less “stressful” trip with more time to experience the culture and relax. 

If I ever travel to Laos again (which I think I definitely will), I will explore the less travel route – the northern and the southern part. The northern part provides excellent trekking adventure on the many mountainous area. Whereas the southern part lay the infamous 4,000 islands (Si Phan Don), coffee plantation (Bolaven Plateau), the Angkor Temple Complex (Wat Phou) and National Park.

Till then!

For now, I will share my 8d7n Laos trip in details.


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